Our Commitment to Pasture Raised Beef

We Love Our Cows

We take care of our land. Our heritage is deep, but our vision is modern and environmentally conscious. We are passionate about our cows’ welfare, the use of our land, and the exceptional quality of beef we produce.

We are committed to providing our animals with an exceptional life, full of back scratches, treats, and minimal handling. We go to great steps to avoid undue stress to them and in turn we are grateful for what their existence creates for our family, friends and customers.

We appreciate our past family sacrifices to have created an opportunity to fall back to our roots and are proud to be a small part in American Agriculture. Our commitment will be our legacy.

Our cattle have plenty of space to roam and clean grasses to eat.

Animal Welfare Is Our Priority

Our farm is visited and audited by third party experts in the animal welfare industry. We are currently recognized as a step 4 farm by the global animal partnership program. This means that our cattle have plenty of space to roam, clean grasses to eat, structures to get out of the weather, clean mountain spring water to drink, and are not treated with any additional hormones, steroids, or antibiotics.

Our small herds are unique in that they represent old lineage from Europe and new lineage from the United States.

Our cattle are treated like
an extension of our family.

We pride ourselves in raising two breeds that have incredible flavor are not traditionally found in the local beef market. Our small herds are unique in that they represent old lineage from Europe and new lineage from the United States.

We started with the Scottish Highland Herd because they were a rare breed in US, had less fat, are considered to produce some of the most tender beef, and of course because they were cute. Since then, we have added the Black Herefords. We were charmed by their docile demeanor, unique markings, and their ability to produce exceptional tasty beef.

Black Herefords

Black Herefords were officially recognized in 1994. The breed represents the best attributes of classic Hereford and Angus pedigrees. With their unique genetics and small numbers, black Herefords are becoming a unique breed for modern cattlemen that believe in high quality beef.

Scottish Highland

Scottish Highlands are among the oldest registered cattle breeds in modern history. Besides their charismatic charm, they are exceptionally delicious. Highlanders are slow to mature, so the meat gains tremendous flavor over time, and their extra-thick coat means they need hardly any back fat to stay warm in our Montana winters. These natural genetic attributes produce a relatively lean yet well-marbled cut of beef.